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Mediflo Duo Spirometer

R 695

The Mediflo Duo Spirometer is a respiratory exerciser for inspiration exercises (SMI) and expiration exercises (PEP). 

With just a few adjustments it can be transformed from a respiratory exerciser for inspiration exercises (SMI) to a trainer for expiration exercises (PEP).  Breathing out against resistance increases intrapulmonary pressure and not only reduces tracheobronchial collapse with unstable bronchial systems but also improves the transport secretions.


Advantages of the Mediflo Duo Spirometer As SMI trainer:

  • Comfortable and simple adjustments of the resistance to flow by turning the cap. Thus easily adjustable to the performances of the patient
  • Motivating for the patient because of noticeable improvements of performance
  • Safe because of the one-ball system, thus the patient is in control
  • Safe because of the low starting value for flow and work of breathing

As PEP trainer:

  • Safe because of the floating indicator, showing a PEP pressure of 12 to 15 cm H2O. This makes it very easy to operate
  • Comfortable and simple adjustment of the resistance to flow by turning the cap. Thus easily adjustable to the performance of the patient


  • Allows the user to practice breathing in slowly, continuously and as deeply as possible and an active, but not forced manoeuvre breathing out against a resistance
  • Simple change of functions
  • Without contra-indications
  • By turning the cap the resistance can be comfortably and easily be adjusted
  • Suitable for persons with a lower lung volume and for children
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