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Rhino Clear® Nasal Wash

R 465

Rhino Clear® is a nasal wash specifically designed for irrigation, cleansing and treatment of both adults and children's nasal cavities, either using saline solutions or aerosol solutions for administering drugs with a nebuliser. It can be used by the whole family; being comfortable and fast and comes standard with three nasal adapters suitable for all ages. 


Rhino Clear® Nasal Wash can be used with all HiTech Therapy's compressor units: Air Compressor Nebuliser andCondor Plus Compressor Nebuliser

Connected to a compressor nebuliser, the Rhino Clear® Nasal Wash nebulises solutions for washing the nasal cavity through a push button on the handle. It can atomise saline solutions, thermal water or medications as recommended by a physician. It produces a flow of a fine aerosol mist for up 2 minutes to permit proper irrigation of the nasal passage, removing secretions, dust and harmful substances accumulated in the paranasal sinuses. Helps to clear congested nose and to breathe more easily.


  • Sprays 10 ml of solution in 2 minutes
  • All types of medications and inhalation solutions may be used with Rhino Clear Nasal Wash
  • It is designed for washing out mucus, dust and harmful substances from the nose and for administering medication to the nasal cavity
  • Clinically tested
  • Product Size(cm): 13.5(H) x 6.2(L) x 5.2(W)
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